Enchantment has its places

Enchantment has its places

Enchantment has its places

The Castle rises on the southern part of the historic centre of Santarcangelo. The large Mastio, with its quadrangular plan, stands imposingly on the village below while the three polygonal towers at the corners of the building guard the whole landscape.

A flourishing garden embraces the Castle, surrounding it with a great variety of trees divided by hedges that mark the various paths.

The Fortress is accessed through a bridge (originally a drawbridge) over the moat that leads directly to the restored Internal Court.

To the right of the Court there are the kitchens and the dining room. On its left the Malatesta Hall, the Summer Room and the Hall of the Choir.

Going up the fourteenth-century spiral staircase you reach the summit of the Mastio from where, along the walkway, you can admire the breath-taking views of Montefeltro, also immortalized in the paintings of Piero della Francesca, which extends from the Rimini sea line to the inland, with the Republic of San Marino, up to the evocative medieval villages of Verucchio, Montebello, San Leo, Talamello and Pennabilli with the impressive Mount Carpegna and the Simone and Simoncello natural park as background.

On the first floor of the tower, the Well Room has been transformed into a spacious Conference Room, while the two comfortable suites are located in the South and Southwest towers. Each suite offers a large living room where, sitting on large armchairs, you can warm up in the cold winter evenings, looking at the sparkling fire in the fireplace.

Each room of the castle, with its charm of ancient times, has been redesigned to accommodate its guests in a comfortable present time.