Castello di Santarcangelo di Romagna

Una storia da vivere

Castello di Santarcangelo di Romagna

Una storia da vivere

The Castle


Not far from Rimini, the Castle of Santarcangelo di Romagna stands on a small tufaceous hill 90 meters above sea level – Mons Iovis – guarding the plain below, lined by rivers and streams that flow into the sea. It can be seen from the Via Consolare Emilia. Its walls enclose the unique outline of the town of Santarcangelo, a well-preserved and active medieval village. In 1447 the Castle was rebuilt by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta to face the new military attack systems, including bombards and culverins. In the following years many people have lived in the Castle, some of them well known, and today it is the residence of the family, which preserves its history, traditions and beauty.
Every visitor, every tourist who enters the Castle embarks on a journey into the past helping to keep fortresses, forts and manors alive.

Anyone who visits a Castle becomes its Guardian forever.
Thank you all! We are waiting for you!


The Rooms

The Castle is a well-preserved 15th century residence and, in recent years, has been rigorously reinforced and restored. The various rooms of the Castle: the Court, the Malatesta Room, the Hall of the Choir, the Summer Room, the Conference Room, the Tower of the Hills, the Tower of Sunsets, maintain an ancient style offering magnificent views of the gentle hills of Rimini. The Castle is organised on three levels, eclectic, well equipped and very special, to host different events: business meetings, press conferences, artistic events, cultural meetings, study seminars and private dinners, always guaranteeing high quality service and standards.
It is open for guided tours to share its rich and extraordinary history.


The Castle of Santarcangelo, in the entire Romagna, is one of the most exclusive locations in which to host important events.
In addition to the uniqueness of its rooms, it offers the experience and expertise of various professional figures to help organise receptions, promotional and cultural evenings and film sets.


Inside the walls of the Castle of Santarcangelo you can experience the charm of staying in a residence where time belongs only to infinity.
Whether you come here on business for the Fiera di Rimini and Cesena or on holiday, treat yourself to a special break.
In the two elegant and comfortable suites, located respectively in the Tower of Landscapes and in the Tower of Sunsets we have also reserved for you the certainty of an unforgettable stay.

Guided tours

The Castle of Santarcangelo is open to the public and it offers the possibility of a guided tour to experience in depth all the best-kept secrets of a monument at the centre of the history of Romagna.