How to reach us

The Castle of Santarcangelo overlooks the village of Santarcangelo di Romagna and is therefore easily accessible thanks to its strategic location along the ancient connecting roads (Emilia and Aretina), just four kilometres from the motorway exit Rimini Nord and eight from the Adriatic road which runs along the coastline.

Santarcangelo di Romagna is also easily reachable by train as it is home to a small railway station, while the nearby airport is less than a half hour journey by car or bus.

By car

A 14 “Bologna – Bari” – motorway exit “Rimini Nord” (4 km from Santarcangelo)

State roads
S.S. n. 9 Emilia “Milano – Rimini”; S.S. n. 258 Marecchiese “Rimini – San Sepolcro”

Provincial roads
S.P. n. 11 “Sogliano”; S.P. n. 13 “Uso”; S.P. n. 14 “Santarcangiolese”; S.P. n. 49 “Trasversale Marecchia”; S.P. n. 136 “Santarcangelo – mare”

By train

Train station
Piazzale Esperanto
(about 1 km form the central Piazza Ganganelli, reachable in 15/20 minutes on foot, along a tree-lined avenue)

Castello di Santarcangelo di Romagna

phone:                +39 335 8226269


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